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Janusz Korczak International Newsletter
edition 7
Contacts of the Janusz Korczak International Newsletter


This is the first Janusz Korczak International Newsletter, which is published electronically. Below this editorial you will find all the links to the articles of the partipating countries and/or associations. We hope this way of presenting information will be satisfying for all those who are interested in life, work and actual meaning of Janusz Korczak today.

The editors.


Australia: The society of friends of Dr. Janusz Korczak

Information from the Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Centre
Two great events took place in our museum since our last letter to the ‘Janusz Korczak International Newsletter’ Both involved ‘Janusz Korczak Collection’ 

Austria (Österreich): Österreichische Janusz Korczak Gesellschaft

8th general meeting
On the 1st of February, 2001 we had our 8th general meeting. One of the main topics was to install a homepage as a place for information and the posibility for children and young persons to tell about their problems in family, school and public.

Bulgaria: Club Bulgare Janusz Korczak

Bulgarian Janusz Korczak Youth Club
The Janusz Korczak Youth Club (JKYC), established in 1998 and formally founded on May 8, 2001 and quartered in Sofia, is a non-profit organization aiming at protection and support of all children denied or deprived of equal opportunity in today's society because of social, biological, ethnic,religious or some other reason.

France: Association Française Janusz Korczak

The French Korczak association is an independent association
Created in 1974 by former pupils and witnesses of Janusz Korczak, the Korczak association has for object to make known the history and the work of the big educator and to pursue its socio-educational and educational action, in the direction of the children and the adults and in association with the French actors of the world of the Childhood. 

France: Association Française Janusz Korczak

Janusz Korczak. Comment Surseoir à la Violence?
Review of Janusz Korczak. Comment Surseoir à la Violence? Published as part of the series L’éducation en questions, presented by Philippe Meirieu. Editions PEMF, 2001. ISBN 2 84526 152 7.

France: Association Française Janusz Korczak

Three Sisters ( Anton Tshechov)
We are " The Bears of Company ": a young theatrical company amateur, enthusiast and " badly licked ". We present on November 16 , 17 and 18 of this year, The Three Sisters by Anton Tchekhov. We chose to give a part of the profits of this sspectacle to the French Association Janusz Korczak.

Germany (Deutschland): Deutsche Korczak Gesellschaft e.V.

To whom belongs the childhood?
A meeting with old and new friends of the Janusz Korczak Society of Germany, Switzerland and Holland at a friendly and historical place.
41 people (no longer at "little feet") in the memorial room of the old synagogue in Wuppertal.

Germany (Deutschland): Deutsche Korczak Gesellschaft e.V.

News from Janusz Korczak Haus in Berlin Kreuzberg
The ‘Janusz Korczak- Haus Berlin Kreuzberg is a Home for young people in the age of 14 till 21 years old.
Boys and girls with difficult neurotical development-disorders. They refuse to attend school and have fears of failures. Disturbance in child-parent relations and a lot of aggression.

Kyrgizstan: Janusz Korczak Association Kyrgyzstan

Janusz Korczak Movement in Kyrgyzstan
The Janusz Korczak Movement in Kyrgyzstan is very young and we have no any official organization today, but we have great enthusiasm and concrete acts.

Lithuania: Januso Korcako Centras

Various Information from Lithuania
Unfortunately, the publication of the informative Bulletin of 'Janush Korchak Center' in Lithuania will be delayed for some time.

Nederland (The Netherlands): Janusz Korczak Stichting

Upbringing Now, a seminar for students
‘ Upbringing Now’, a seminar for students of Pedagogical Institutes, Universities, and Teacher Trainings Colleges. The Janusz Korczak Association and the University Pastoral Center organised in April 2001 a meeting for and together with students.

Nederland (The Netherlands): Janusz Korczak Stichting

The Korczak Café , a new initiative
Each month students from different institutes come together in the house of the University Pastoral Centre.

Nederland (The Netherlands): Janusz Korczak Stichting

20 Years Janusz Korczak Association in The Netherlands.
In October 2002 we’ll celebrate our birthday, 20 years ago.

Poland: Polski Komitet Korczakowski

Polish Korczak Association
Polish Korczak Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie im. Janusza Korczaka) is a succesor of Polish Korczak Committtee active from 1947.

Russia: Russian Janusz Korczak Association

To all Korczak friends
The Janusz Korczak Association in Russia would like to inform all Korczak friends in Russia and abroad about the Meeting of the Board thattook place in Petersburg on June, 23.

Russia: Project Nash Dom Reg. Youth Center in Moscow

Soloveychic conference
In the beginning of October, the Moscow Teachers' House hosted The 5th annual Soloveychic conference. Soloveychik is a well-known Russian educational specialist and the editor-and-chief of the 1st of September educational newspaper. This year the conference organized and established by him, was as usual devoted to pedagogy and education, but particularly emphasized the leading methods in pedagogy today.

Russia: Project Nash Dom Reg. Youth Center in Moscow

Participation in the conference in Kazan
On the 24-26 of October the group of people from Nash Dom Center participated in a conference in Kazan. There we took part in a section, devoted to Janusz Korczak pedagogical methods. There students from pedagogic university of Kazan who are the participants of Korczak organization in Kazan told about their work. And we (the leaders from the camp Nash Dom) who came from Moscow made a presentation about our camp and other work that we do.

Russia: Project Nash Dom Reg. Youth Center in Moscow

Various Information from Russia
- Nash Dom camp
- Celebration of 10 years Korczak Youth Movement in Russia
- The Nash Dom wintercamp

Russia: Russian Janusz Korczak Ass. (St-Petersburg)

Seminar for social workers and pedagogues from St-Petersburg
The international conference was preceded by a Seminar for social workers and pedagogues from St-Petersburg who had no acquaintance with the life and work of Janusz Korczak. They all worked in Non Governemental Organisations (NGO's) in the field of child-care, education and children's Rights.

Russia: Russian Janusz Korczak Ass. (St-Petersburg)

International Conference "Pedagogy of Janusz Korczak"
The Seminar was followed by the International Conference "Pedagogy of Janusz Korczak and present-day experience in children care" (21-23 June).
139 participants, coming from many places; 76 from St-Petersburg; 26 from Russian cities; 30 from Western Europe; 6 from Asia and 1 from the USA.

Russia: Russian Janusz Korczak Ass. (Kazan Tatarstan)

The Sun for Children
We can say that children are like different flowers: some are strong and beautiful, some are weak and unprotected, some can be even dangerous for the others. But it doesn't matter what the flower is like because when it appears on the Earth it gets the right to grow on the planet and to have everything which is necessary to provide a normal life: warmth and love, care and kindness, water and sun.

Russia: Russian Janusz Korczak Ass. (Kazan Tatarstan)

Various Information from Kazan
- On October 25-27 The International Conference on the problems of educative activities in universities was held in Kazan.
- A new Korczak organization in Perm at the end of November
- On October 30 the Seminar for the directors of orphanages in Tatarstan was held in the Kazan orphanage

Russia: Russian Janusz Korczak Ass. (Kursk)

Entartainment that cures
It's around 6 p.m., a dull hour at the haematological department of the local children's hospital. The homesick department inmates, ages 2 and up, keep to their wards, reading a book or putting together a puzzle. Some have gathered in the playroom to watch TV.
This playroom is our destination. We come in. Kolya, 6, jumps up with excitement and cries out: "The students have come!" The news spreads quickly from ward to ward, and in a couple of minutes the playroom is packed with a bunch of over 20 kids. Kolya is happy and proud: he's the herald of tonight's recreation.

Sweden: Swedish Society for Janusz Korczak living heritage

Swedish Society 30 years
The Swedish Korczak Association was founded in 1971 by Michal Wroblewski, who, from 1931-1942, was an apprentice at one of Janusz Korczaḱs orphanages in Warsaw.

Switzerland (Schweiz): Ass. Suisse des Amis du Dr. J. Korczak (Deutsch)

Report about three projects
In the German-speaking part of the members of the "Association suisse des amis du docteur Janusz Korczk/ Schweizerische Korczak-Gesellschaft" we can report about three projects

Switzerland (Suisse): Association Suisse des amis du Dr. J. Korczak

latest news of the Swiss Association
Here are the latest news of the Swiss Association

Ukraine: Ukrain Janusz Korczak Association

Various announcements
We've been sending groups of teenagers to the International camp Korczakovo (Poland) since 1995. The experience, gained in this camp, helped some of the members organize new programs themselves. Having studied Korczak's life and many of his works, having visited Holocaust memorials in Poland and some places connected with history and culture of Poland and Ukraine we became the group which can put Korczak's ideas into practice.

United Kingdom: J. Korczak Association UK

establishing UK based Janusz Korczak Association
We are in the process of establishing UK based Janusz Korczak Association. This Association will be launched in June 2002 in London when we expect to organise an international Conference devoted to promoting the vision of J. Korczak in the UK.

United States of America: Janusz Korczak Society of America

Report of the Janusz Korczak Society of America
The major event in the USA was Janusz Korczak being posthumously named a Fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics. This was initiated by the President of the AAP, Dr. Steve Berman. Dr. Berman was inspired to champion this event after reading “The King of Children" the book by Betty Jean Lifton, PhD. He spoke of the legacy of Janusz Korczak before an audience of 4,000 members, and its meaning to pediatricians. 


The information is kindly given by the founder of Russian and Canadian  Korczak`s societies  Olga Medvedev

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